Revamping De Kelder

Revamping De Kelder

Academy project

This project was about giving the music center De Kelder in Amersfoort a new look. They were looking for more options to use the building during the day and at night. My concept for this project was all about ‘hallucination’: one space, two faces. The exterior and the interior needed to be refreshed.

The shape of the bar is a consequence of the contours of the toilets. The wall behind the bar is covered with LED’s that slowly change colour.

The render above shows the backstage area. This is where the performer escapes the hallucinating space and is able to prepare or relax.

In my opinion a building is best remembered when the toilets are fascinating. That is why I gave some extra attention to the design of the toilets. In this area the concept of hallucination gives you a strong feeling of disorientation.

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